Sunday, April 28, 2013

50 Random facts about me

Hi sunday. 

April 2013 will end on this tuesday, and exam will start from this thursday. Take care guys, days before exam or during exam easy to get sick. Just like me dafuq. Random post w/ random facts about me. Hope you enjoy this long sentences post. 

1. My full name, Wong Ju Xuan.
2. I'm nearly 17 now. 
3. I love my classmates 2013.
4. I was the youngest one in my family.
5. I'm only 153 or 154cm.
6. I'm a typical taurus baby.
7. House w/ daddy mummy sis bro and 2 dogs.
8. I want to build ab muscle.
9. I hug my monkey soft toy everynight.
10. I eat my baobei everynight since I was born. (It smell freaking bad.)

11. I love my facebook and line group chats.
12. I love sun and beach.
13. I love running.
14. I love hot chocolate & lowfat milk.
15. I love mint chocolate & m&m chrispy.
16. I love monkey, too.
17. I hate KFC.
18. I hate insects, cockroach, caterpillars, etc animals are small and have thousand legs.
19. I hate people w/ no respect.
20. I hate Malaysia politics. lol

21. I cook when I'm in good mood.
22. My cooking skill aint bad.
23. I watch fight movie.
24. I love D.i.Y.
25. I read chinese novels.
26. I spot handsome boys everyday.
27. I got no cosmetic.
28. My only high-heels spoiled.
29. Nike is one of my fav brand now.
30. I wear t-shirt everyday, not dresses or skirt.

31. I have pair of double eye-lid eyes. 
32. I have rabbit teeth? Lol.
33. I have scar on my both knee.
34. My foot are big.
35. My fingers are long and thin.
36. I dont eat medicine.
37. I dont know how to swim.
38. I am noisy.
39. I make noise when friends get boring.
40. My mood high everyday.

42. I hate my F5 chinese teacher. 
43. I went school library every day during recess.
44. My mum dyed my hair. HAHAHA
45. I can sleep everywhere when I'm tired.
46. I write diary everyday, it's colourful.
47. I love my friends! 
48. I love my brother so much.
49. Wanting to find tall boys, like tall me a head. xx
50. I like boys who smell good.


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Goodbye love.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The depths of the heart


The. Missing. Laughter. >:')



但我依舊記得 Giddens' word : 說出去被嘲笑的夢想,才有實現的價值。 is added on my blog. |
Today mood ain't good. I cant wait the day after spm.
Xoxo loves.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip to New Era College @ Kajang

Ohayo, the time now is 1.17am. I did start doing my photo convert at 8pm but done at 12+am, so so so so so so tired. Oh before Friday end, a little tiny stuff make me hyped. Hhahahhahaha somebody did follow me back on twitter. 

A day-trip to New Era College on 09th of April w/ le schoolmates and friends. This college used chinese/english as their main languages. First sight of the college is old emmm, full of chinese students, beside a SMK school and opposite xx KTM Station.

Maybe this one day trip is boring for other people but for me is not, cause i take photo all the time and chit-chatting w/ le bitch friends. Teheeeee

More info : or facebook : New Era College

More photos on BC club facebook page : Click here. 

Photos mode on:


White Room (白色工坊) :

 Such beautiful eyes.

 DJ Zone :

Library :

 Failed edit.  

Pottery workshop (陶艺工作坊) :


 Full-dry and Half-dry.

 Random smile face makes me want to eat his nose and eyes. 

Tehee very cute duck bag. >:D

D.I.Y time :


 Mr. Yaron Khor

 Mr. Woon xxxx Foon

 Selca girlssss.

 Group photo. 


Tonight is a freaking tired  night.
Stay back at school for n hours doesn't make me unhappy but love. 

Saturday is another dessert day.