Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 utama dog park

Brother and I bring Matcha to 1 Utama dog park very last sunday. 1 Utama dog park is smaller than Desa Park of course. Will bring Matcha to Desa Park next time hehehe.

 Spot the dog swimming. :o

 Hehee, our Matcha just cute. :)

Au revoir, :)






以后. 我们. 大家. 再也没有. 理由. 回去. 团聚了. 


Reposer en paix :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mickey roadshow @ Mid Valley Megamall

"Mickey mouse Through The Years since 1928" roadshow heading at Mid valley Megamall from 24th May to 10 June 2012! I went there with family last sunday, KFC as our dinner. SO WHATTHEFUCK LAAA. Some mickey ain't nice for me. And some just sooooo cute! 

Yeah. Nuffnang click again please yo? :D

His pair of wing is my love. 

The face the body i think of Rico The Zombie Boy
You can spot him at Lady Gaga - Born This Way M/V ! I just love this whole tattoo, from the top to the toes. Who cares if you don't like him ? Hmm..?

Yoyo's and Zeph's loveee, maybe? POLKA DOT

The amazing spiderman! Haaha

I saw superman mickey model if i din't wrong. But they put the model very high and i can't capture him. So sadddd. And did you realise i din't capture the original mickey? :/

Goodbye and today it's saturday ! :*

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A trip to Penang part II

Continue the part I uhh. Don't forget clicking the both nuffnang ads. I know it's annoyed or maybe make your web lag but just a click. Thanks lot lot. Willloveyou Heheeee.

@ Batu Feringghi 

Random shooooooooooot.

The ship @ Batu Ferringghi

 Spongebob, Jean and Tianyi's lover!

Buddhist temple @ Kek Lok Si 

It's me uhh!

Piggy hiding.

Make a wish.
I make lot same wishes. I hope it came true. I know all i need to trust is me.

I'm done with the penang trip posts! So ya im back lol. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

A trip to Penang Part I

Before end of this two week holidays, daddy bring us to Penang. 2days and 1night, ain't fun lol. I don't like Penang seriously. :S Their driving skill and the road just small and only one lane. I don't know what they talking, Penang Hokkien. Talk with me just like chick and duck talk. Now let the picture talk. 

Don't forget to lend me your hand. Click the nuffnang yo. I mean both of them. Up one and the right one. Thanks lot. 

Reclining Buddha Temple @ Wat Chayamangkalaram

These colorful roof just blinking under the sunlight.

Penang laksa, i don't like this food. :S

Too tired to do something. Travel need moneyyyyy. A LOT MONEY. How can I get lotsa money without any jobs. Let me faster end my secondary school life. My school life now like shit. :S 

Will continue Part II soon.