Monday, December 17, 2012

A night to remember @ Royale Bintang Hotel

A night to remember is a prom night that organized by our Form5 seniors. Not a school event so its the time to party rock! As usual, mummy do my makeup and wearing sister's dress and my only one pair heels. Nothing to write much but photo much more.


My seat and We did chg the place laa. :x

Only like the what what what cheese cake >:o

Fav fruits watermelon!


Eat the banana lolll!

Bitchy me blocking JingYi. Hhahaha :b and my stupid untidy teeth grrr

Le me and Bubu :*

w/ Leyley :*

Le me and Le brother!

Party rockin' trust me. They're high!

Posing queen Jingyi! >:p

Girls group photo. Somebody missing i think, hmm..

Ending photo, Leyley w/ Bubu !

Goodnight sweet dreamz and XOXO! Such a beautiful night. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Me, Happy 15th

Come to say HI! 

Starving now. All I think of those red-ish juice. Which is blood in vampire's world. Hhhaha. Thursday night dream about a hotel, my mum and me, and anonymous boy. I dont know its a nightmare or a sweetdream. Because we do always forget 80% of our dream lolll. Tonight is a happy night. Hhahahahahhahaha. Shortyhimhimhimhimhimhhimhimhimhimhimhimhima! Hhahahaha Ignore me la k.

Nuffnang yayy < 33

Hhahahah player Damon.

Sweet dreamz. Xoxo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi Dec.

Hohoho. This month is christmas month.

 Christmas season and Home Alone movie is on! My fav movie ever yay. 

This will never happen in M'sia. x,x

Merry Christmas lol. 

Sick at christmas month is suck and medi is just like shit. zzzzzz
Xoxo goodbye.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

231112 @ TC Beach, Kuantan

Hihihihi. Wanting to update this post on Sunday or Monday but so lazy zzzzzz. Seriously we want to go at 8 or 9 in the morning that day. But its rain and I can't wake. They breakfast at a well-known CurryMee shop and my breakfast is McD because Im late lollllll.

Then lets do jump! Jump mode is a little hard in the begining cause I dont know how to do lol. We jump a lot and in the end its not really bad la. Its really fun and non stop laughing when you fast viewing. Hahhahahah!! Just ignore the a little bit real weird face. Planning to do Jump mode w/ my friends @ Dpc soon! Hehhehehe

Click to enlarge for more bigger and clearer photo!
Ask her whats her nicname and then answer is x.


Joey aka Teng. I love to argue w her because she's the one always lose! Hhahaha



Photos are blur because converted and minimized. :/ Wanting to met them now lol. 
Next post will be ............. ? Idk. Bye XOXO

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jump mode photo!

Yay hey guys. Just came back from my hometown and I realize I love to spent my time w/ them so much! Idk why, maybe it's my born place.? I went to my fav place too, there is TC beach! Le me and my buddies did Jump mode photo too! It's really hard to catch the time because its my first time to do jump mode lol. I want jump more!! Hahhahah

Watched Twilight Saga : Part II too! The first hour is totally boring for me lol. (Twilight huge fans gonna say meh to me :o) But I do love the fight part!! Its totally speechless when you know it's totally nothing happen. I rate it to 3.5 or 4 stars, I hope they talk more, ishh! 

Spot my girls friend who wearing long pant! 

You spot what? Hahhaha The power of jump w/ red color shirt!!!

Here is my some funny jump mode photo! They gonna kill me, seriously! Want to view more funny jump mode photos? Stay tuned then! XOXO

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

151112 @ Dreamz Bakery

Starbucks new flavour is so nice! Peppermint Mocha , uhh my fav peppemint! x,x

Did you spot my header photo changed? My fault, wrong clicked! Then I realize I don't have back-up photo anymore, cause I accidently delete all my photos last time!!! zzzZ I must take a new photo to cover this 2 unknown fts. So yay, heading back to my lovely hometown tomorrow again, so I gonna blog this today! You gonna miss me and I miss my love ones so much. x_x

Hxian, the who always ask me to buy her a cake or bake some cupcakes to her, she always do telling me the same sentences!! Cake, cupcakes, cake, cupcakes, asdfghjkl. Someday, Me and her went to Dreamz Bakery. Their layer cake taste ain't bad, I want to eat Choc Mint flavour but sold out..... Only I choose Matcha Tiramisu....? She said taste like Sardin fish Hahahahha! For me is a little too much creamy, idk why?

Nuffnang click, buddies!

Lotsa people went to Dreamz Bakery and they blogged too. This is what I found on google! 55,000 results Omgggggg x,x

Start with my photos! :

Guess what? It's Unifi password!

 Kitty Almond Cookies

 Choc cookies ...... ?

 The green one is Matcha tiramisu layer cake ...? And the other one is Dark chocolate layer cake!

 It's my dreamz too k T.T

< is better than this > !


 A place to leave your words 

 Why so emo ....... < / 3 ?

 Spoiled ..... ? I like this darling :*


All photos is non-edited! Must go for second time and try on their macarons and mush soap hahahahahha! So must wait me come back from my hometown and staytuned what I want to blog soon! XOXO 

Location : 
No32-1, The Strand, 
Jalan PJU 5/20D, 
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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Wednesday - Sunday : 12 - 10 PM

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