Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye June 2013



Heureux comme épuisées. :) xx

Saturday, June 29, 2013

KPP 2013 @ Pulau Redang - Part II

Too lazy for part II, too hate to remember this memories. 

  Still so regret din't bring my cam during Water Confident activity in Day 1! The sea there so freaking clear because no fish no coral no rubbish, only sand and small fishs or crabs. It's a private beach, because I saw a private signboard otw to that beach. 

Day 2. (17 Jun 2013)

  Wake up early in the morning and xhui hit me just to wake me up. Hhahahahahah after breakfast then out for snorkeling at Marine Park. The beach there is nice and awesome, but too much pelancong when the time is 10 and 11am. Three buddy that don't know how to swim, holding hand snork together. So wtf proud of myself. Hhahaha but too tired to snork. 

  After Marine Park, back to the place we sleep to had lunch and bath and rest. Then out for snorkeling again under the sea. Wtf me so scare. Time passed 3mins but I feel like 10mins. They jump but I use stair to go down, me too scare wtf lah. That feeling still in my head wtf wtf wtf. Fml

  Then, we went to the real pulau redang for shoppping, diving (some people do), resting, and snorkeling again. But me and le buddies din't snork again, too tired to snork. And the beach for us is quite dirty, because of the first private beach and Marine park that we went. 

  6 or 7pm, back to place we sleep. After dinner, chat w/ other gang, then bath. 9pm gather together again for majlis penutup. Speech speech speech and speech... After all those speech ended, other people back to their bed but we still there for group photos. Meh took too photos, too less. 

  It's because our last night there, we decided to talk under the night until 12pm+. Just another awesome night. Me and xhui squeeze into Jean's bed because we want to see photos. And I fart. Hhahahahhahahahaha!! *Controlling our volume* Too hyper and I sleep well that night. 

Read the previous KPP post here : Part I 

 Way to harbour to other beach.

 Nana and Bubu. :D

Jean. :D 

Why people throw rubbish to the sea. Karma!

 Boys boat.


 Meh guess who

Le gang :D

 So regret I no go up there!!! Grr

v v v v

 Sugar glider on Jean's hand. 

 Sugar glider on Bubu's shoulder.

 Sugar glider on Nana's hand.

Group photo, 81 person exclude 7 teachers. 

 Me fancy this photo. (Nabeel, Zhafran, Xhui, Bubu)


 Too tired to save us! Hhahaha 

 Oxygen tank. 

Jump shoot (exlude me) :

(Danial, Bubu, Nana, Sfang, Jean, Xhui, Nabeel, Zhafran, Amir) 

 xx xx xx

Jump shoot take II (exclude me, again) :

The boys jump so high and so nice wtf

Jump shoot take III (w/ teach but w/out me again Fml) :

 One of the coach. *isit?*

 Bridge to another chalet.

 Another lovely couple borned!

 Souvenirs x

 w/out Xhui, Syazwan, Fareed, and me

 Payid! Hhahaha

Too cute to act cute. Me fancy this photo 

 Why the sugar glider owner no look to the camera wtf!
Le 5PA2 gang, w/out luqman, nazmi, SHF8, xx?

 Another group photo. 

 My bear and baobei. :*

I din't upload all of the photos, but I uploaded most of those important photos.
Too sad you have to wait for the last part, but me too lazy to update.

I don't know why I have such emotional mood these few night. fml
Btw, today is my school chinese society day. :D

Je m'ennuie de nous. xx