Monday, December 17, 2012

A night to remember @ Royale Bintang Hotel

A night to remember is a prom night that organized by our Form5 seniors. Not a school event so its the time to party rock! As usual, mummy do my makeup and wearing sister's dress and my only one pair heels. Nothing to write much but photo much more.


My seat and We did chg the place laa. :x

Only like the what what what cheese cake >:o

Fav fruits watermelon!


Eat the banana lolll!

Bitchy me blocking JingYi. Hhahaha :b and my stupid untidy teeth grrr

Le me and Bubu :*

w/ Leyley :*

Le me and Le brother!

Party rockin' trust me. They're high!

Posing queen Jingyi! >:p

Girls group photo. Somebody missing i think, hmm..

Ending photo, Leyley w/ Bubu !

Goodnight sweet dreamz and XOXO! Such a beautiful night. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Me, Happy 15th

Come to say HI! 

Starving now. All I think of those red-ish juice. Which is blood in vampire's world. Hhhaha. Thursday night dream about a hotel, my mum and me, and anonymous boy. I dont know its a nightmare or a sweetdream. Because we do always forget 80% of our dream lolll. Tonight is a happy night. Hhahahahahhahaha. Shortyhimhimhimhimhimhhimhimhimhimhimhimhima! Hhahahaha Ignore me la k.

Nuffnang yayy < 33

Hhahahah player Damon.

Sweet dreamz. Xoxo

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi Dec.

Hohoho. This month is christmas month.

 Christmas season and Home Alone movie is on! My fav movie ever yay. 

This will never happen in M'sia. x,x

Merry Christmas lol. 

Sick at christmas month is suck and medi is just like shit. zzzzzz
Xoxo goodbye.