Friday, August 24, 2012

KLCC Bookfest 2012

I went to Bookfest @ KL Convention Centre again with Zephyrus. The first time and the second time i went with my mum. Yeah I went to the bookfest 3 times dy. Lol like a boss. The second time I went for 吴若权 's sharing forum. Haaaa waiting for Giddens' sharing forum now.

 初 见 即 别 离 / 张 亚 东

 爸爸,我們去哪裡?/ ( 法 ) 尚路易·波尼葉

有一天,妈妈老了 / ( 韩 ) 洪荣女 + 黄安娜

世界上的另一个你 / ( 美 ) 郎·霍尔 + 丹佛·摩尔

Some of the books I bought from the bookfest. I only read chinese books. :D

And picture of the day :

Our teeths are not tidy much but cute much. Hahaaa kill me. 

I feel bad when I playback the memories when I told my family how much I hate Angel, this name. So then my mum start to call me juxuan on facebook and I FEEL SO STRANGE. Was like wtf. Angel is the name my family used to call me everyday since when I were born. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is what friendship we called

Hey. Happy holidays first. Miss me? Hahhahahahaha Start my holiday post with my genting day. Meet them on monday since they keep asking me out. Hahahha I know right, they miss me so much! 

The highway road from Kl to Genting is so jam. Daddy used the old road ( Bentong ) to Genting but still wasted our time. But finally we reached and it's rain. Kay then, we wait for the rain stop and we start to play ! We used alot time for just queue up. >:O

Picture of the day :

The five. 

I love this photo I dont know why. < 33

I can't imagine I play this ! Bitch please, I shout a lot. I even shout my friend's name out. Hahahahah

When we queue up for Flying coaster a.k.a Superman ! My fav Hahahahha

They wear the same red polo that day. They asked me wear red too. Opps. I don't know why I can shout a lot that day. I miss them alot dy since we just hangout. :( Will blog another holiday post about books. XOXO

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Demon in our deep heart side


Monday, August 6, 2012

76th celebration dinner @ SJK (c) Kuang

Hi ya August, dont need to treat me 100% good but give me something I dream. :)

I went to Sjk (c) Kuang with mum and Chermaine ( Chai shan , the only one same primary school with me. :o ) . We got free tickets from mum's yoga teacher. We don't talk much but when we meet Natelie ( The one i called her Yoyo a.k.a bitch ) We talk much. Hhahahahhahaha.

Hey ya. NUFFNANG LAR. :o

 Me and Chermaine 's sitting place number. But in the end we go to Table no.8 :o

 This girl so cute. I think of Hxian. :o

 GOTCHA!! <33 font="font">

I and Chermaine in edited blur photo. 

K. Bye.