Sunday, March 30, 2014

Year 2013' Last Friday Night

     Whatsupppp buddies!! Miss me? Miss me. :D

     Some 96s' created a prom event for brpians. Theme named Last Friday Night because it's the last friday of year 2013. Perfect night to spent with buddies, homies, juniors, some seniors, and took photos and being crazy. And now three months after this event ends I gonna blog it. Not that late. 

     Special thanks to those friendly and kind and good friends helped me to take photos with the freaking heavy and stupid lens. I remembered I non-stop taking photos that night but why still so less photos huh?!?!

Last Friday Night held on 27th of December 2013 @ KRPM.


Some stage photos and dancing photos:

You smile I smile.


Photos of Prom Queen/King:

Photos with buddies/homies/juniors/seniors:
They said I dressed like a magician that day. I'm in purple and white. 

 Pretty bright smile.

Juniors' outfit of the night. | Black x White

Pattern ohhhh pattern.

 I don't know why lahhh but she's cute in this white dress.

 Photobomber junior and crazy me. Opppps


 Favourite junior in black outfit.

 She's crazier than what you think.

 Rotate your head.

 Little juniorss.

 Oh Mr.crazyyy.

I rotated photos but it came out like this. I can't help also laaa

Both of us in purple that night. Wooooops.

Closer? Hahahhaaaa lol

 Short me aaaaaaaaaaaaah.


 Ehh fav photos < 33

 Buddiess < 33

I took this photo away. Hehe

Kinda miss that night and I wish there's another night to let me take photos with you guys again. :/
All of you are pretty smart and good looking that night. < 33

Goodnight loves.